Alice NightOne- Home Sleep Testing

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Easy Home Sleep Testing Solution.

  • “Auto-on” feature:
    recording starts as soon as device is buckled
  • “Smart guide” sequence:
    easily guides setup and indicates signal quality
  • Helpful visual aids:
    tutorial video; step-by-step diagram
  • Wireless connection:
    to Bluetooth-enabled Philips Respironics’ PAP devices
  • RIP with integrated buckle design:
    eliminates external wire sets
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  • Gold standard sensor set:
    the same sensor technology recommended by the AASM for in-lab studies.
  • Signals your techs are familiar with:
    no need to retrain
  • Enhanced Good Study Indicator:
    know the data is there before the device is returned
  • Powered by Sleepware G3 software:
    use the same software for in-lab and out-of-lab testing
  • Optional Cloud Services:
    spread your services; unify your data