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  • 10.1″ colour TFT screen with display of Pressure-time, Flow-time & Volume-time waveforms & P-V, F-V, F-P loops
  • Offers VCV, PCV, SIMV (V) + PS, SIMV (P) + PS, PSV with apnea back up, manual & standby modes (Optional: PRVC)
  • Advanced proportional solenoid valve technology to realize accurate ventilation control
  • Electronic flowmeters for O2, N2O & air with high accuracy & easy reading
  • Comprehensive alarm system
  • Compact & light-weight body design for easy & safe manoeuvrability
  • Yoke system (1xO2, 1xN2O; without cylinders)
  • Li battery provides up to 240 minutes of operation
  • Fully-integrated absorber system with heater function & CO2 bypass
  • Optional: Touch Screen, Vaporiser, SpO2 Module, Mainstream CO2, Active AGSS System, Communication Interface, Autoclavable function of Absorber, Auxiliary Oxygen flow meter, Mainstream Gas Module for 5 kinds of Anaesthetic Agent, Air/O2 driving for Ventilator with Auto Switching, Gas & Agent consumption calculation software package
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E-Flo 7 is a compact and lightweight, ergonomic anaesthesia workstation featuring a 10.1″ colour TFT screen, electronic flowmeter with virtual flow display and PEEP. It offers standard ventilation modes like VCV, PCV, SIMV (V) + PS, SIMV (P) + PS, PSV with apnea back up, Manual and Standby (Optional: PRVC). Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient applications. Features electronic flow meter for O2, N2O and air.