Anesthesia Apparatus

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Feature :

  • Specially designed to meet the requirements of hospitals & nursing homes.
  • Use latest technology ensuring high and reliable performance and sturdy construction.

Technical Details and Safety features:

  • Auditory Alarm – if failure of oxygen supply the battery operated device that activates an Alarm for about seven seconds.
  • ventilator alarms, which warn of low or high airway pressures.
  • Oxygen gas pressure maintain 4.25 kg/cm² (approx)
  • Nitrous oxide pressure maintain 3.75 kg/cm² (approx)
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The anaesthetic machine is not a machine that makes anaesthetics, but rather a complex collection of equipment. It has three major components: a gas mixing and delivery system, an anaesthetic breathing system (circuit) and a ventilator, and an array of monitors. We are medical equipment manufacturers in India and suppliers of reliable range of hospitals equipment.