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●With its total 4 section tabletops, P1080 provides a wide range of positions for all operations.
●All table movements (except leg section) can be operated at the head-end position by using two mounted cranks. It is easy and smooth to operate all functions of the table.
●The foot pedal drives the hydraulic-pump and raises the table. When the pedal is treaded to the bottom, the hydraulic pump system rises on and the table will be released downward gradually.
●With its total radiation translucent tabletops, P1080 is easy to access the entire anatomy of the patient.
●Head-end centralized control system avoids reaching across the table looking for controls or disturbing the surgical team during surgeries.
●Easy-to-use foot pedal and handle for actuating the control. (kidney elevator and side tilt function)
●Gas springs support the back section, which can be controlled from both side levers. It can be set precisely at any required position without a great deal of force, even when the patient is very heavy.

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