Alice PDx-Diagnostic System

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  • Portable testing made easy
  • Flexible
  • User friendly
  • Minimize re-testing
  • Maximize study quality
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  • Portable testing made easy with Alice PDx
    The Alice PDx is a portable, diagnostic recording device for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) screening, follow-up and diagnostic assessment of cardio-respiratory sleep disorders. This flexible and portable sleep system incorporates the advanced features required to meet today’s industry needs. The Alice PDx enables you to test your patients outside of the lab without compromising study results, helping you to avoid the costs associated with re-testing.
  • Flexible
    The Alice PDx can be used in a sleep lab, alternative care site or a patient’s home.The device is convenient for patients who are uncomfortable with, or have limited access to, a lab facility. The Alice PDx is field upgradeable, so as new features are added, firmware upgrades will be made available, without having to return your device for service. As updates become available, you will be able to access them via web downloading.
  • User friendly
    The Alice PDx device interface is easy to use, easy to understand and informative. Color-coded labels, located around the perimeter of the device, indicate where to connect the various sensor leads. The display shows the patient only the sensors that need to be connected. The sensor information and indicators help your patients or medical staff to place the sensors correctly and reduce the need for re-testing due to application errors. A helpful, color-coded, step-by-step diagram is included with the Alice PDx system to walk patients through the appropriate application process. The Alice PDx is compact and can accommodate side sleepers. The wires have been specifically designed to minimize excess length to make it easier for patients to manage the wires.
  • Minimize re-testing
    The Alice PDx incorporates our unique Good Study Indicator (GSI).* The GSI is predicated on airflow and oximeter signal quality and displays the amount of “good quality data” needed for a study to be complete and valid. The indicator measures patient airflow, gathered by the nasal cannula and/or the oral thermistor, airflow from therapy devices, and pulse oximetry, gathered by the SpO2 sensor. Without either of these signals, the sleep study would be declared diagnostically invalid because of insufficient data.
  • Maximize study quality
    The Good Study Indicator helps to eliminate the frustration of receiving insufficient study data and the inconvenience and effort involved in rescheduling patients for a repeat study. The GSI visually displays the amount of good quality data in 25-percent increments on the Alice PDx display screen. This information allows the clinician to decide if the patient needs to repeat the study. If the study needs to be repeated, the provider can educate the patient remotely on how to better apply the sensors.


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