Multi-functional Wheelchair

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  • Patented Anti-sliding seating system
  • Axle-travelling footrest
  • Ergonomic design
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The reclining wheelchair MVP 502 (KM-5000.2) allows the wheelchair user to lie back and relieve pressure. Unfortunately, sliding is a common problem with reclining wheelchairs. Whenever the wheelchair reclines or returns to an upright position, the user’s back slides against the back of wheelchair, creating a shearing action. It is not only uncomfortable but may lead to skin breakdown and pressure sores.

In addition to poor positioning and less stability, sliding puts the user at risk of falling off and sustaining injuries. The innovative anti-sliding design of the MVP 502 effectively prevents the wheelchair user from sliding on the chair.


Articulating Legrest

The articulating legrest extends in length as it elevates, allowing the leg to extend freely and thus easing pressure on the knee.

Anti-sliding V-seating System

The V-shaped seat slopes downwards at a 20 degree angle near the backrest to help reduce forward sliding and pressure sores.
This significantly reduces shearing between the user’s back and the back of the wheelchair and the need for the attendant to reposition the user.

Hydraulic Pressure Support System

The MVP 502’s reclining system is composed of two hydraulic gas springs that provide a smooth, controlled motion. They minimize shock and stablize the reclining speed. The attendant can lift the wheelchair user back to an upright position with greater efficiency.